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The food and beverage markets represent the largest consumption in group for packaging materials. MBR FLEXIBLES LTD provides the cost effective, durable and sustainable packaging solutions to different type of food and beverages packaging. There are different kinds of products in food industry are like dairy and cheese, snacks, cereals and other dry foods, meats and seafood, and ready-to-eat meals.

MBR FLEXIBLES LTD uses the packaging materials which protect the flavour and quality of all kinds of food and beverages, while helping reduce packaging waste and spoilage, all at an affordable cost.

With increased usage of modern spout pouches, they are fast in replacing glass bottles in today's marketplace. They are becoming very successful in providing a packaging solution that not only reduces transport costs, but also give a high quality printed product to display on a shelf in all shapes and forms. We also provides the packaging solutions for custom printed retort packaging in roll stock and pouch form for Ready-To-Drink (RTD) beverages.

Features :
Tamper evident for product safety
Consumer convenience
Require much less area to store compared to conventional bottles
Environmentally friendly structure
Leakage proof
Reducing transportation cost


As consumers become more health conscious, the demand for healthy snacks continues to rise. We offer different dry fruits and snack packaging options to keep chips and all kinds of snacks crisp and crunchy, to make sure that cookies and fruits come out of the package sweet and delicious which ultimately makes impact on customers about your products. Now a days, dry fruits and snacks are sealed during the packing process to maintain freshness, but once opened, reseal ability of the zipper allows the product to retain its freshness and become a more convenient product to use and store.

Features :
Protection against moisture
Easy to use
Cost effective
Help to maintain quality for long term


The basic purpose of this kind of packaging is to protect meat and meat products from undesirable impacts on quality including microbiological and chemical alterations. The prolonged exposure of meat and meat products to daylight or artificial light accelerates unattractive colour changes and oxidation because light provides the energy for these processes. We are providing the solutions to this kind of packaging which protects your meat and fish products. Our Packaging protects your foodstuffs during processing, storage and distribution.

Features : Excellent endurance
Increasing product shelf life
Quick and efficient packaging
Moisture resistance
Leakage proof